HDC Reviews

“Pat Savage played for us at our Back To The Roots Rally in northern Finland and we enjoyed him so much we brought him back to headline our International Rally the next year. He just play our Christmas party and we have him back in 2016 again! Pat is the king of biker music in Finland and the world”

Jussi Katainen President HDC Finland

“Pat Savage was very good at our Swedish Super HDC Rally. He was singing all about bikers lives and plays guitar very well.”

Swen Thellsson President HDC Sweden

“Pat blew us away at our Harley Town event in Leopoldsburg! We will have him back anytime he is available in the future!”

Andre Cuesterman President HDC Leopoldsburg Belgium

“Pat is liked by many bikers of our party at Poldertreffen. His Nederlands band is very great with many cool songs for Harley Davidson Dutch riders.”

Bonk President HDC Almkerk Nederlands

“Pat Savage was amazing at our Free Wheeling Kempen International Rally and he has many fans in our club and also in Belgium at this moment!”

Patrick Plu HDC Free Wheeling Kempen Belgium

“Pat rocked at our HDCON Super Rally here in Norway. i have seen him at HDC Finland, HDC Sweden Super Rally and at our HDCON party in Valle. He is a special biker man with great biker music.”

“Steinar” President HDC-Of Norway

“We loved Pat Savage at our year end party in south Holland. He is good friend of me now and good guitar player too. His band is Dutch too so we feel good about them rocking our parties.”

Gideon President HDC Bergen Op Zoom

“In Spain at our HDC Castellon Pat Savage rocked our crowd to quite a surprised Spanish bikers! He played guitar behind his head and rode his Harley right on the stage, He is most welcome to return”

“Javier” President HDC Castellon Spain